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In order to cultivate tourism professionals with international perspectives and advanced management ability, the department provides students with a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge together with the actual development of the tourism-related industry. Curriculum planning emphasizes on two distinct directions: “tour planning” and “meeting, incentives, conferences and exhibitions organizing.” Our courses are categorized into liberal arts courses, common courses, compulsory core courses, and elective courses. An internship program is in place so that students will have opportunities to be familiar with real-world applications, as well as fostering international perspectives and building up a sense of responsibility and teamwork ability. They will prepare students for their future career in the tourism industry.

Curriculum Structure/Overview


1. General Electives of General Education: 10 credits (consist of seven disciplines and Social Science subjects should not be included in the selection. Students should take subjects from four out of the remaining six disciplines, and the remaining credits should be received from subjects selected)

2. COM Core and Electives: 10 credits (required subjects: 7 credits, elective subjects: 3 credits)

3. COM Prerequisites: 23 credits

4. Three specific tracks are designed as: A. Travel Planning and B. Business Event Planning. Students are required to complete at least one specific track mentioned above before they graduate.

Specific Track A (STA): 18 credits from course list of STA (18 credits out of the total of 28 credits available)

Specific Track B (STB): 18 credits from course list of STB (18 credits out of the total of 28 credits available)

5. Other Electives: 11 credits

6. In addition to fulfilling the minimum credit requirements within the course of study, students are also required to satisfy with the “Professional Requirements” before they graduate.

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